Privacy Policy


Customer privacy is an important part of our business. And we take the best care of that aspect. Here at INTERFOTO, we have generated our Privacy Policy for the protection and the best use of every single client detail that customers provide us voluntarily. It is our request that you should go through the privacy policy carefully prior to providing any specific info about yourself on our website.


We need some details from you so that we can make our services more personalized and customer-friendly. You will have to provide the details by filling up the form on our website. Our privacy policy will show you how we use, maintain, and secure the customer details for advancing our services.


The customer details we require


We do not use cookies. We collect specific customer data that let us understand the customer’s requirements. The data is voluntarily provided by the customers. And we make the best use of it for the enhancement of the service. The details we require are here:


  • Customers name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email address


These help us let our clients know the service and status. However, we won’t make use of these details for any promotional reason.


How we use, maintain and secure the customer details

We are sincere and responsible for the protection of the personal data you give us. We are aware of the fact that the details are likely to include the banking details also. Therefore, we take the best precautionary steps so the details stay protected.


Only our highly responsible and sincere staff will have access to all those details. And, we would never provide any of those details to any third party or any promotional sources. We work with a third party only for the delivery of the ordered items. We keep the customer details in our protected database. Also, we scan this with antivirus for protecting in info from malware attacks.